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"speh-1.0.7.jar" library file is missing from Signdoc 3.1 onwards

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Customer upgraded to SignDoc Standard (v3.
Usually customer uses encrypt password for the Database connection. the previous version

Based on the SignDoc Standard Installation guide, we can use the "speh.cmd" file to generate the encrypted value.

But when the "speh.cmd" is executed, we are getting the error (please refer to the attached "error.jpg" screenshot).
We check the "{SignDoc Standard}/service/webapps/cirrus/WEB-INF/lib" folder and we can't find the "speh-1.0.7.jar" library file.

The "speh-1.0.7.jar" file can be found at "{SignDoc Standard}/service/webapps/cirrus/WEB-INF/lib" folder in SignDoc Standard (v3.0).
We tested with the "speh-1.0.7.jar" file from SignDoc Standard (v3.0) and the encryption is working properly.


This solution is for Kofax Signdoc v 3.1 and above use.

This is a bug. Please replace the contents of speh.cmd with this:


set JAVA_HOME=bin\jre

set PATH=%PATH%;"%JAVA_HOME%\bin"


java -cp "webapps/cirrus/WEB-INF/lib/signdoc-commons-3.2.0-SNAPSHOT.jar;webapps/cirrus/WEB-INF/lib/signdoc-logger-3.2.0-SNAPSHOT.jar" de.softpro.common.SPPEH 256 %1

using the above it will resolve the issue. Please change the path according to the verion you are using.

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Article # 3050174
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