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How to awake stalled KTA jobs (Signdoc Activity)

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This article describes a situation, where

  1. the SignDoc Activity is part of a Kofax Total Agility (KTA) Workflow,
  2. Signing Packages can be created successfully via KTA Job processing,
  3. The Signers receive the signing package for signing and processing the corresponding documents.
  4. The StateChange Notification (inlduding the final PDF document) is not returned to KTA after the signing package is finished (after all signer have signed the document), the state in KTA job remain "Active..".

For further troubleshooting regarding connectivity issues between Signdoc and KTA please refer to existing article How to troubleshot connectivity Problems between Kofax TotalAgility and Signdoc

This article describes how to refresh and release already existing and stalled KTA jobs, in order that job processing can continue according to the designed KTA workflow.


At the moment the KTAStateChangeNotification Plugin makes only one attempt to notify KTA about a completed Signing Package. If this web service call fails at this time, for instance because of short network outage, there will be no further attempt, with the result, that

  • the KTA job remains active,
  • while the corresponding signing package is already completed on SignDoc side.

This behavior of SignDoc KTAStateChangeNotification Plugin is documented for future versions to be improved.


Kofax provides a command line based "KTANotifyTool" which can be downloaded here:

It offers the possibility to manually "repeat" the final KTAStateChange Notification (which didn´t reach KTA at first attempt).
The tool is attached as to this article. You can unpack the tool at a location of your choice, and it can be executed without installing additional components (java runtime is included).

Please proceed as following:

1. Make a list of affected package id´s of all signing packages that did not notify the corresponding KTA jobs

2. Edit following configuration values available in the config file :




3) Open a command prompt and execute the notify_kta.cmd adding the PackageID as command line option

notify_kta.cmd <package_id>


notify_kta.cmd 9B59997341BE11EABDBB005056BF0C55-0-1-PACKAGESTATE

If the command was successful,  the tool responds with "SUCCESS - FINISHED" as following:


Repeat this command for every PackageID.

Please note this tool only works for Signing Packages which are completed (State: COMPLETE), and the corresponding KTA Job is "active".
If those conditions are not met, the tool will fail and respond with an http error (e.q. Response{protocol=http/1.1, code=500, message=InternalServerError})


The functionality of this tool can be outlined in 4 steps.

  1. Pick up actual configuration as saved in config file
  2. Create a Signdoc authentication token (using accountid, Signdoc User and Signdoc Password)
  3. Get attributes and name from the affected Signing Package and download the final PDF document from SignDoc Server.
  4. Connect to KTA Webservice and upload the final PDF using Web service Call CompleteActivityWithDocuments.

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