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SignDoc Cloud - FAQ

About this page

This page provides answers to the most commonly asked questions about Kofax SignDoc Cloud.

If you have any further questions, please contact Kofax.


Questions & Answers

About Kofax SignDoc Cloud

What is Kofax SignDoc Cloud?

Kofax SignDoc Cloud is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering hosted by Kofax that enables trustworthy, secure and convenient paperless signing. Kofax SignDoc Cloud enables you to replace wet-ink signing with electronic signatures that simplify and expedite your business processes.

Kofax SignDoc Cloud delivers substantial evidence of approval and adoption of a document’s contents and its binding, conclusive, non-reputable character. It enables the validation of authenticity and integrity of signed documents - by providing means to authenticate a signer's identity as well as verifying that the document has not been altered after signing.  

What are the key benefits of Kofax SignDoc Cloud?

Reducing paper usage for contracts, approvals, and other business documents helps cut costs and provide a positive customer experience. Moving away from wet-ink signature processes Kofax SignDoc Cloud helps you achieve these key performance goals:

  • Reduce operational costs
    Decrease paper usage for classic print-ship-scan processes
  • Speed up time to closure
    Cut time needed to complete contracts or approvals from days to minutes
  • Improve customer satisfaction
    Transform your customer experience using the communications channel of their choice ― on any device, anytime, anywhere
  • Stay compliant
    Improve compliance by providing a digital and traceable, end-to-end audit trail of all process steps and transactions
  • Secure operations
    Mitigate risk of external or internal fraud attempts and help avoid litigation
Entitlement and Account Activation

How can I get access to Kofax SignDoc Cloud?

Please contact Kofax or a Kofax partner to offer you access to Kofax SignDoc Cloud.

How long does it take to get my SignDoc Cloud account activated?

An account activation typically might take up to 3 business days. If you have purchased an account and you don’t get any information within 3 business days, please contact Kofax.

How many signing packages can be sent with my account?

Your account will be activated with the number of purchased annual signing packages. If you are running out of signing packages, please contact Kofax or your Kofax partner.

Capabilities and Features

What features are available on Kofax SignDoc Cloud?

Kofax SignDoc Cloud provides a long list of features to help you streamline your document centric business processes and paperless signing.
The following is an excerpt of the feature list:

  • Signing Package Cockpit
  • Create, send and monitor signing packages
  • Signing Package Templates
  • Reminders & Notifications
  • Input Fields and Signature Fields
  • Upload documents via drag & drop
  • Supplemental documents
  • Administration
    • Team Management
    • Upload own certificate

Can I add more users and manage teams in SignDoc Cloud?

Yes, you will receive an administrator account to manage your users and set up groups/teams.

Can I export my signing packages (bulk export) at any point?

No, currently this option is not available. Any completed Signing Package is sent to the user who created the package and can be forwarded to your DMS/ECM system. Some customers are using simple email forwarding rules to achieve this. 

Where is the data stored? 

SignDoc Cloud is hosted on an Azure datacenter in Ireland (Europe). Other datacenters are under consideration, but not available at this point in time.

Is there a file size limitation when uploading documents into a signing package?

Yes, for each signing package a limit of 10MB has been configured. This limit applies to each signing package for each uploaded file and the total size of all uploaded files (per signing package).

Is there any documentation available for the admin and/or user?

Yes, online documentation is available at the following links: 

Is there any training available?

Yes, there are two trainings available:

Which languages are available in SignDoc Cloud?

SignDoc Cloud is available in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese and Japanese. The language is set by default and is selected via the browser’s language. For the signing ceremony, there is a dropdown to change the language.

Will the documents be signed with a certificate?

Yes, all signed documents (PDF files) will be signed with a Kofax supplied certificate.


Is support available?

Yes, support is provided through the standard Kofax Support Portal.
The Customer Portal provides eligible contacts access to a unified Knowledge Base for all Kofax products, updated product information, and access to the Case handling system for Case creation, Case update notification and Case review.
Please use your Kofax Support credentials to submit questions and select in the ticket that you are using Kofax SignDoc Cloud.

Please note that support requests from your organization have to be submitted through the registered Account Administrator.

Where can I request access to the Customer Portal (Support Portal)?

You can request access through this Customer Portal Account Request page:

What availability/uptime for this service is guaranteed?

Kofax does not provide an exact service level for availability at this time, but best efforts will be made to maintain service. Kofax is setting actions to provide industry-standard availability for future releases.

Pricing & Costs

What are the pricing options for Kofax SignDoc Cloud?

Kofax offers a volume-based subscription pricing. Please contact Kofax or a Kofax Partner for further information.

The volume is based on signing packages, how is a signing package defined and counted?

A signing package consists of one or more documents with one or more signatures required of one or multiple signers. The license counter counts the number of signing packages at the time when they are created independent of the final stage of the package (completed, rejected or cancelled).

Is an evaluation account available of Kofax SignDoc Cloud?

Yes, there is an evaluation account available for 90-days. Please contact Kofax or a Kofax Partner for further information and how to get an evaluation account.

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