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FraudOne Product Documentation

Click on the links below to move to the desired FraudOne releases' product documentation, including the available Technical Specifications. 13090, 13609
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FraudOne 4.4.x
  • Kofax FraudOne 4.4.1 Technical Specifications (June 2017)
  • Kofax FraudOne 4.4.1 Product Documentation (compressed)
  • The remaining Kofax FraudOne / SignPlus documentation can be located in the Documents folder of your extracted Kofax FraudOne 4.4.1 for DB2, MSSQL or Oracle zip folders., as shown below.
    • \\FraudOne-4.4.1_for_DB2\kofax-fraud-one-20161117\Documents\
    • \\FraudOne-4.4.1_for_MSSQL\kofax-fraud-one- 20161117\Documents\
    • \\FraudOne-4.4.1_for_Oracle\kofax-fraud-one-20161117\Documents\ 
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