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Error when using Trusted Signing Certificate


This"FastPublish" solution is based on one case only and most likely doesn't cover all possible solution scenarios or error descriptions. This solution is provided as is and may contain limited technical imperfections and consequently may be revised at any time. If you have the same or similar error situation and the provided solution doesn't help in resolving your issue, or if you have further questions or possible additions, please contact your next level of support. 20052

Customer Situation

SignDoc Web running on Windows throws the below error when using a trusted signing certificate which is present in the Windows key store:

cannot build certificate chain: untrusted root certificate


This issue is specific to the Windows build of SignDoc Web and can be resolved by applying the below fixpack: signdocweb-

The fixpack can be downloaded in the Extended Downloads section of ( (Logon credentials are required)

Please follow the readme.txt instructions after downloading the fixpack.

Applies to

  • Kofax SignDoc Web 5.2.1-1330

Keywords: SDWeb, Certificate, Trusted, Error, Certificate Store, Fix