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Customer Portal Account Request

Form to apply for Customer Portal account credentials.
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If you:

The Customer Portal provides eligible contacts access to a unified Knowledge Base for all Kofax products, updated product information, and access to the Case handling system for Case creation, Case update notification and Case review.

Please complete the following form to apply for Customer Portal account credentials. Providing your product or customer's serial number and/or your co-worker details when completing this form can assist us in processing your request. You will receive an email with your Customer Portal credentials upon verification of your company data.

Please note: Accounts are for individuals and linked to product certifications so only non-generic email addresses, such as, are accepted. Generic email addresses such as those from,, or Gmail or non-user specific email addresses such as or cannot be used.  

Please Note:  If you are trying to obtain a login for or a reset of your password to the Kofax Fulfillment (Electronic Delivery) site in order to download your Kofax software, please browse to and select either the "Create a new account" or the "Forgot your password?" link.   


Your Information

Please enter detailed information in the fields below.

First Name
Last Name
Your Job Function
Company Information

Please provide complete information in the required fields.

Company Name
Street Address
Street Address (Line 2)
Postal/Zip Code
Co-worker Information

Please provide the following information regarding a co-worker who has an existing Customer Portal Account, if you have it. The information you provide about co-workers who are already in the system will help to speed identification of the correct account to associate with your login.

Co-workers First Name
Co-workers Last Name
Co-workers Email Address
Product Information

The information you provide about the product(s) your company uses can assist us in identifying the correct account to use when creating your Customer Portal login.

Main Product
Product Serial Number
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