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Thank you for requesting a Customer Portal Account

Response to your Customer Portal Account submission.


Thank you for submitting your Customer Portal Account Request form.

You will receive an email confirmation of our receipt of your Customer Portal Account Request form submission within 1 business day.  If you fail to receive an email within that time period, please check your 'Junk' email folder for an email from a address.  If you do not see the confirmation email there, please contact Kofax Technical Support to report this issue.

We will process your Customer Portal Account Request and send you an email with your Customer Portal credentials upon verification of your company data.

Please Note:  If you are trying to obtain a login for or reset your password to the Kofax Fulfillment (Electronic Delivery) site in order to download your Kofax software, please browse to and select either the "Create a new account" or the "Forgot your password?" links.


Kofax Technical Support 


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