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NEWS: New Portal Case Layout Changes

Case Layout Changes - We listened to your feedback!

We have received feedback that, when you are working on your open Support cases, you would like to see more text space for your case conversations and less space dedicated to the more static case information.

We have modified the case layout to reflect this feedback, by adding tabs.  Now, when you open a case in the Portal, you will see three tabs directly below your Case Number.  The ‘Case Activity’ tab contains the increased space you requested for your case conversations. The new ‘Case Details’ tab is where the majority of the case fields are now located and case files and Knowledge Base articles will be found under the ‘Files and Articles’ tab.


No content has been removed. All the case fields and their content are still in your case and can be found on the tabs described above.

We hope you enjoy the improvements – please feel free to provide feedback via this article. 

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