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Kofax Community Guidelines

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The Kofax Community is a platform where customers, partners and Kofax employees can collaborate and engage with one another to share Kofax product knowledge and experiences, help solve business issues, learn new use cases and share ideas.

We intend to make the Kofax Community a ‘go to’ place for Kofax product discussions. While we encourage lively conversation, we do insist that you follow our guidelines. Postings may be edited or deleted if they violate these guidelines, our Terms of Use or Privacy Policy.


  • Be respectful and helpful to those with questions.
  • Mark an answer as a "Best Answer" or give it an Upvote if it helps resolve the problem.
  • Provide constructive and thoughtful feedback to those with problems to solve.
  • Share what worked and what you learned whenever possible.
  • We recommend you write in English language, whenever possible, in order to reach most of our community members. In any case, we will still do our best to help you.


  • Post spam, repetitive content, solicitations or links to products or services not offered by Kofax.
  • Share copyrighted information without permission unless it is within the fair use standards of posting small excerpts or a link.
  • Use the community as a channel for marketing or promotions. Links that add value to discussions or help answer questions are permitted.
  • Make threats, use hateful language, post harassing messages or launch personal attacks.
  • Post time-sensitive questions; contact Kofax Technical Support if you have an issue and need immediate assistance.

Reporting violations and addressing grievances

If you believe any of these guidelines have been violated, please Flag the offending post using its action menu or contact us via email at

You can also find this information in the Kofax Community Guidelines post in the Kofax Community.



Article # 3020810
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