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How to log into the Kofax Community

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New Release Announcement Location

To find your product's latest release information, go to the Kofax Community, browse through the Topics’ list and select your product family's Topic.  Your product family's Release Announcements post will be at the top of the selected Discussions page. 


The Kofax Community is an open discussion forum where customers, partners and Kofax employees can collaborate and engage with one another to share Kofax product knowledge and experiences, help solve business issues, learn new use cases and share ideas.  It's a place where everyone can contribute and interact around Kofax solutions.  It is home to members who may have different relationships with Kofax, for example customers, partners, and employees. These different relationships correspond to different Kofax Community login types.

Until you log in, the Community will treat you as an anonymous visitor with only read access to its Public/Customer area. After you log in, you will see your name in the upper right corner and be allowed to interact with the Community and use its various features. For Kofax partners, these include access to the Partner Group — an area for discussions with all Kofax partners and employees.

How to Log in

The Kofax Community shares login credentials with several other Kofax sites, one of which you may already have access to. If you know your Kofax Community login credentials, then use them to log in at Kofax Community Login Page. If not, then continue reading.

Login Types

If you do not have a Kofax Community login or you are not sure what login type you should have, please click on each login type link below to find out:

Kofax Portals

The Kofax Partner Portal and Kofax Customer Portal contain the online Case submission and tracking methods available 24x7 for all non-Community Only partners and customers. These Portals allow eligible contacts to enter new Web-based support Cases, receive responses to their existing Cases, and review their existing Case history online. 

Partner Portal

If you have login credentials to the Kofax Partner Portal, then you must use them to log in at Kofax Community Login Page.

If you have Partner Portal credentials and Customer Portal credentials, then use the Partner Portal credentials to log in.

If you do not have a Kofax Partner Portal account, you are a Kofax Partner, and do not fit into the categories listed for the Community Only login type, you may request one by completing the Partner Portal Request form.

Customer Portal

If you have login credentials to the Kofax Customer Portal, then use them to log in at Kofax Community Login Page.

If you do not have a Kofax Customer Portal account and do not fit into the categories listed for the Community Only login type, you may request one by completing the Request a Customer Portal Account form.

Community Only

The Community Only members are those who belong to one of the following categories:

  • You are using a Kofax Cloud solution.
  • You are using a free Kofax trial software.
  • You obtained your Kofax software from a retail store.
  • You obtained your Kofax software when it was included in retail hardware purchase (e.g. a scanner).
  • You have a Kofax product but not a Kofax Portal login and wish to join the conversation.

If you already have your Community Only login, then use it to log in at the Kofax Community Login Page.

To obtain a Community Only login, go to the Kofax Community Self-Registration Page and complete the form. 

Important Note: If you already have a Kofax Partner, Customer or Employee login, please do not request a Community Only login.

Contact and Further Assistance

If you are experiencing issues or require assistance with Kofax Community, please contact us via email at



Article # 3020521
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