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Kofax Community User Guide

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What is Kofax Community?

The Kofax Community is a site where Kofax customers, partners and employees can collaborate and engage with one another to share product knowledge and experiences, help solve business issues, learn new use cases, and share ideas. It is an open forum with representation from all aspects of the business and a place where everyone can contribute and interact around Kofax solutions. It's a place where you can learn from peers to maximize Kofax products and Work Like Tomorrow!

Kofax Technical Support is provided through the Support Portal. Please refer to our Support Portal Information article for details.

Kofax Community is a collection of discussions. Each discussion is started with a question (post) tagged with topics and followed by a thread of answers and replies (comments). You can search for search terms, filter discussions based on their topic, follow discussions, topics, or other community members, and receive notifications on selected events.

The content you can access is limited by your member type, which can be either Kofax employee, partner, or a customer. Partner Group and Employee Group are two separate areas that only partners and employees can access. The site provides read-only public access to the customer area.

Kofax Community User Guide

The Kofax Community User Guide, located in the Kofax Community, is ordered to avoid unnecessary repetitions and save your time. We recommend you to get familiar with subjects discussed in one section before continuing to the next.

In order to achieve this goal we ask you to provide us your feedback to anything that is not clear (even a single word or a term), places where we skipped ahead and lost you, parts with bad logical flow that need reordering, are too wordy, boring etc.

Product Release Announcements

To find your product's latest release information, go to the Kofax Community, browse through the Topics’ list and select your product family's Topic.  Your product family's Release Announcements post will be at the top of the selected Discussions page. 

Use the links below to move to your product family’s Release Announcement post.



Article # 3020948
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