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Creating an Kofax Electronic Fulfillment (KeF) site User Account

Information regarding how to create a Kofax Electronic Fulfillment (KEF) site login.



Kofax Electronic Fulfillment Site Overview

The Kofax Electronic Fulfillment site ( is available to anyone who has a User account login.  If you do not have a User account login, you can create an account and obtain a login by following the instructions below.

This site is also known as the Kofax eFulfillment, eDelivery, KeF and KEF site.

NOTE:  Anyone who has a User login can log into the Kofax Fulfillment site.  However, until a product serial number is registered under their login (email address), they will be unable to download that product from the fulfillment site.

Creating your Kofax Fulfillment Site Account

Anyone can register to log into the Kofax Fulfillment Web site by following the instructions below.

  1. Launch your web browser, go to and click on "Create a new account."

KeF login page.jpg

  1. Enter the requested information in the Create a New Account window, being certain to complete the required fields indicated by the red asterisks (*), and click Submit.

NOTE:  If you have a Kofax Customer Portal account, it is very important that you use the email address you use as your Kofax Customer Portal account login. .

kef new account.jpg

Once the Submit button is clicked, your login information will be automatically processed and your login is created.  An email is immediately sent to you at the email address you used.  

NOTE:  If you do not receive your login information email, please check your junk/spam folder for an email from Kofax, Inc. <>.  If the missing email is not there, please contact Kofax Technical Support for assistance.

kef email.jpg

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