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Scanner Configurator

The Scanner Configurator provides the ability to search for scanners which will work with Kofax products.


The Kofax Scanner Configurator lets you search for and review popular production scanner and MFP configurations for use with Kofax products.   The Scanner Configurator also allows customers to search for legacy Kofax product information.  

The following products have pre-configured reports available for easy access. 

Note: The Kofax Scanner Configurator includes information about legacy products that are not part of the current Kofax product line-up. If you have questions about compatibility with an older application, please contact your application vendor or Kofax for more information.

Move to the Kofax Scanner Configurator

Compatibility with Latest Product Versions

The links below provide the scanner configuration details for each listed Kofax product/version in an already configured report.

Scanner manufacturers's websites

Click the desired link to move to that vendor's website.

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