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Download Software from the Kofax (electronic) Delivery site

Using the Kofax eDelivery site to download your Kofax products.
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This article will show you how to use the Kofax (electronic) Delivery site to obtain the software you or your organization have purchased.

It is a cloud-based system intended to provide reliable access to Kofax product downloads across the globe.

The Kofax Delivery site can be found at

Accounts for this system are independent of other Kofax Web sites, so please do not try to use your existing login to the Kofax Customer or Partner Portals.

Creating/Retrieving an account

When you visit the Kofax Delivery site at, the first window you encounter will contain the Log In prompt.


Enter your email address and the password you would like to use in the Create a new account window, then click "REGISTER".

Kofax Delivery site REGISTER.png

Please Note:

There is no requirement on the Delivery website to use individual email addresses. A group mailbox is allowed, though you will of course be responsible for the management of the account (i.e., who has knowledge of the password, and who has access to the group mailbox.)

If you have an account but cannot remember the password, please use the ‘Forgot your password?’ link.

Kofax Delivery site Forgot your password.png

Enter your email address, and click submit, you will then receive an email with instructions for resetting your password.


The first screen you see after login is a list of the software already associated with your account. The "Downloads" link at the top of the screen will return you to this page.

Kofax Delivery site Downloads window.png

The "View" dropdown allows you to filter the view.  The:

  • "My Kofax List" view will display all the software added to your account.
  • "My Extended Downloads" will display any files/fixes provided to you by Kofax Technical Support.
  • "Filter by product:" allows you to show downloads relating to a particular product.

Kofax Delivery site My Kofax list.png

Once a product is selected, you may also filter by Language and Version.

Kofax Delivery site Downloads filter by version-language window.png

There is also a search facility to filter by key word(s).

Kofax Delivery site Downloads filter by keyword window.png

Additional Information for Downloads

To prevent potential problems using the extracted files from  a ZIP file, it may be necessary to check (set) the Unblock security setting on the Zip file before extracting the zipped files:



To see which serial numbers are registered to your account, click on the "REGISTRATIONS" link at the top of the page.

Kofax Delivery site Registred SN.png

Those products that have already been registered will be displayed.

NOTE:  As of May 10, 2020, you have the ability to delete your own registered Serial Numbers by clicking on Serial #'s Delete button.

Kofax Delivery site Registered SNs.png

Add Software

When a new account is created, there will be no software associated with it. To gain access to software downloads, you will need add your Software serial number.  

Click on "ADD SOFTWARE" at the top of the window.

Kofax Delivery site Add Software window.png

Enter your serial number(s) in the Serial Number box and click ADD SOFTWARE.  You can add up to 5 serial numbers one time.  If you have additional serial numbers, return to this window and continue to add them.

Kofax Delivery site Add Software2 window.png

To gain access to the software download for your product, the serial number(s) you entered must either be an active evaluation license(s) or purchased license(s) with a valid maintenance contract.

Please Note:

You only need to register one serial number per product.

The versions of software available will be determined by those that are currently supported. Please refer to the Lifecycle Policies and End of Support Dates article for additional details regarding supported products.

Serial numbers can only be associated with one account on the Delivery Web site.  In order to have a serial number reassigned to another person’s Kofax Delivery account, you will need to contact Kofax Sales or Support.  Refer to the Who do I contact if I have a problem? section of this document for details.


If you wish to view you account details or change your password, click on "ACCOUNT".

Kofax Delivery site Account selection window.png

To change your password, enter your existing password in the ‘Current password’ field, then enter your new password twice, where indicated, and click on Update password to commit the change.

Kofax Delivery site Account Update Password window.png

Basic Troubleshooting
  • If you still do not see your products, try clearing your web browser cache or use a different web browser that has not logged into the Kofax Delivery site.
  • Check and verify if the Serial Numbers are registered to other users in your organization. Some product Serial Numbers could be registered under another email address.
  • Some products, such as Kofax Insight and Kofax RPA, have their own license file for activation. Those files are sent via email, to customers, from our Order Fulfillment team. Contact your Sales Support representative if you are unable to locate those license emails within your organization.
Who do I contact if I have a problem?
Contact Kofax Sales

If you do not know your serial number.*

  •  If your maintenance has expired.
  • If your evaluation license has passed its expiry date.

*Please check any emails your organization has received from Kofax, as the serial number will be listed in your purchase confirmation email.

Kofax Sales Support information can be found in the Sales Support article.

Contact Kofax Technical Support
  • If you are having problems associating a serial number to your Kofax Delivery account.
  • If you are having issues downloading particular software items.
  • If you are having difficulties logging into the Kofax Delivery site.

A Case can be submitted to Technical Support via the Kofax Customer or Partner Portal.  Browse to the Support Portal Information article and select the appropriate “Log in to the…” link.

Product Family



Electronic Delivery/EDownloads




Non-software Issue


Brief description of your Electronic Delivery problem.


Please ensure your problem is clearly stated, including any serial numbers and the name/version of the product(s) that you are trying to download along with any errors you are seeing.

It can also be helpful if you include the name and version of the web browser you are using.

Important: When creating a support Case (example shown below) via the Kofax Customer or Partner Portals, select the options indicated in the table above.

Case - Contact Technical Support.png



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