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How to create a support case in the Kofax Support Portal

How to log a case to request assistance from Kofax Technical Support.
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If you have been unable to find a solution to your issue in the Kofax Knowledge Base (, how do you log a case to request assistance from Kofax Technical Support?


From the Kofax Knowledge Base (, select "Login" or navigate to the Kofax Support Portal:

Note: Kofax Business Partners should use the Kofax Partner Portal:

Support Login Screen.png

If you have lost or forgotten your password, please click on the "Forgot your password?" link below the login fields. Remember to check your email spam folder in case the password reminder ended up there. If you do not currently have a portal account, please see further details under the References section of this article.

In the Portal

At the top of the screen select Cases > and then "New Case" (to open a new ticket with Kofax Technical Support) or "My Cases" to view and work with already open tickets.

Cases - Create New or My Cases.png

Or you can also access the same options from the "Case Tracking" section further down on your Customer Portal landing page.

New Case

Select New Case to open a new ticket with Kofax Technical Support. The form contains a number of mandatory (critical) fields and a number of optional fields. Please see the numbered list below for guidance how to fill in the mandatory fields.

New Case - whole form.png

1. Product Family, Product - Select which product family and product you are requesting assistance for; in this the screenshot below, it is "ReadSoft" and "Invoice Portal".

Note: Kofax have organized our products into product families to narrow down the options in the Product dropdown list. Selecting the correct product will ensure your request for assistance is directed to the correct team in a timely manner. If you are not certain what to select, make sure to mention your product name in the Description field and describe it as carefully as possible.

New Case - Product Family (Invoice Portal).png

2. Version - Select specific product version that you are requesting assistance with. Note: "Current" for cloud based products.

For more information about optional fields, press the "i" tool tip next to the field.

3. Type - Select the case Type to give us an idea of what type assistance you are requesting; This will help Kofax Technical Support to assign most appropriate Engineer to your case.

New Case - Type, priority, Subject, Description.png

4. Priority - Select the appropriate priority for your case to help Kofax Technical Support prioritize the case internally, note that priority Critical and High only apply to systems in production. Please find more information about case Priority here: How to select the support case Priority (link).

5. Subject - Add a short descriptive summary of your query including any relevant key words or error message.

6. Description - Add as much detail as possible in the description of your case. This is where you can explain what you need or what the issue is, what steps were taken before, tests performed, how many users on items it is impacting, etc. Providing thorough and accurate details when logging a case can have a significant positive impact on issue resolution time.

7. Upload File - Upload relevant files using the Upload File function (paperclip icon at the bottom left of the form). You can upload screenshots or image files, example emails, log files, error message details, etc; any material that will be useful for a successful analysis of the issue.

8. Submit - Finally press Submit to enter the case into the portal.

After the case is submitted, it can be accessed, reviewed and updated by any registered user within your organization. There are a number of different case views available; The default view under "My Cases" lists "All Open Cases" for your organization, but there is also an option to view only the case you yourself own.

My Cases - all available list views.png

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If you do not have access to the Customer (support) Portal - please refer to: General_Support/00_Support_Forms/Customer_Portal_Request

For Kofax Business Partners:


You may not be entitled to support via the Customer Portal and for this case we refer you to the documentation for your Kofax software solution, it will guide you to a web form or other method to contact the Kofax Support team.

Remember to always check the Kofax Knowledgebase before opening a support case: (look for your product)

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