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AutoStore v6/7 Software Activation and Downloads

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The following activation steps are the only method available for INV activation within AutoStore v6/ v7. 

NOTE: When adding multiple INV's to a system, each INV must have a new request file created after the license has been applied on the AutoStore server and the below steps must be repeated for each INV. 


  1. On the Microsoft Windows taskbar, click Start > All Programs > Notable Solutions > AutoStore 7 > AutoStore 7 Process Designer

  2. On the Home tab of the ribbon, click the License Manager button

  3. Click Create Request

  4. In the Save As dialog box, type a license file name and save the file locally. Note the file location.

  5. Click Web License:

  6. Enter your login credentials and click Login. If an account does not exist, a new account can be created.  

  7. Choose AutoStore 7 in the Select Product box, and click Proceed to License Activation

  8. Choose the license type from the License Type drop-down list box

  9. Click browse and select the license request file that you created in step 4

  10. Enter a License/Activation Number. 

  11. The Server Name field is optional and can be left blank or any server friendly name can be added 

  12. Click Submit

  13. Specify the number of licenses either by entering a value or using the slider bars, then click submit

  14. Click Download License

  15. Save the file locally and note the location of the file.

  16. Open AutoStore Process Designer, and on the Home tab, click License Manager

  17. Click Load Keys and then select the location of the license file that was downloaded.

  18. On the Load license keys dialog box, click OK. 

  19. Once the provided activation file is loaded back into the License Manager, close your AutoStore Process Designer and open again to confirm the INV's were added properly. 


High-Availability Activation

The steps to activate an AutoStore HA license are the same as above. Please be aware that when using the slider bars to activate your device licenses (Step 13), add only the amount of licenses that have been purchased, on each server. By design, the HA licenses allow you to activate the number of device licenses purchased, on up to 10 servers; if your environment does not have 10 servers in use, the remaining licenses should remain inactive as there is a risk of support being denied.

For example, if you purchased 10 HA device licenses, the slider bar will indicate 100 licenses available, but you should only apply a maximum of 10 per server.

Software Downloads:

Although downloads are available through the Web License Portal, they are not updated and the most recent versions are available on the Kofax Electronic Delivery website:

Applies to:  

Product Version
AutoStore 7.x

Article # 3041675