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SafeCom Software Activation and Downloads

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SafeCom licenses need to be registered first to obtain a SafeCom production key. A valid email address, registration code from the Kofax Fulfillment email, and the Server Name need to be entered at time of registration. 


  1. Open a web-browser and enter

  2. Enter your email address and the Registration Code noted in the Kofax Fulfillment email.

  3. Click continue.

  4. Enter the Server Name (Server Shortname).

  5. Click Register.

  6. The system sends an email to the email address used during registration and this will contain the new SafeCom production key.

  7. Open SafeCom Administrator.

  8. In the Servers menu, click License to open the License dialog.

  9. Under the New Key section, enter the key code and click apply. Close SafeCom Admin Console to refresh the license.


Software Downloads:

Downloads are available through the Kofax Electronic Delivery website: A license key with active maintenance is required to obtain the most recent software version.

1. Open a web-browser and enter

2. Login with your email address or create an account.

3. Click "Add Software" on top menu bar.

4. Enter the Serial Number which is noted in the Kofax Fulfillment email and click on "Add Software".

5. Once the Serial Number is added (current serial numbers can be seen on "Registrations"), the "Downloads" can be accessed.

6. Within Downloads review your "View" and "Filter" settings, as by default they may only show certain entries.


Applies to:  

Product Version
SafeCom G4

Article # 3041667
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