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AutoStore: Troubleshoot issues related to ports with Konica Minolta devices

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The Konica Minolta capture components requires multiple ports to be open.  If using a Firewall, this usually requires coordination with the system administrator to create Firewall rules to open necessary ports.  This article explains how to verify that those ports are in fact open.  

Please note that this article is primarily for the legacy Konica Minolta client, which uses the Device Manager. 

For the Konica-Minolta Combined Client, which uses DRS, ensure that port TCP 8753 (DRS) is also open.

Autostore communication with the client running on Konica Minolta device:

  • First, the Autostore client needs to be registered on the device using Device Manager. 
    • After the "Force Update" button is clicked, the Autostore server establishes communication with the Konica Minolta MFD on port 80. 
    • After communication has been established, Autostore switches communication over to the MFD on port 50001, and the client is registered.
  • Second, a document gets scanned from the Konica Minolta MFD into Autostore.  
  • Here the direction of port 50001 is reversed.  Now the MFD communicates with the Autostore server on port 50001 to submit the meta data.  
  • After the meta data has been submitted, the image gets transmitted, either via FTP or WebDav.  (FTP is default)
    • If FTP, the MFD communicates with the server on both ports 2121 and 6000.
    • If WebDav, the MFD communicates with the server on port 8080 (6000 is not required).


  • In Autostore Process Designer, go to the Konica Minolta component and click the preferences tab


  • Verify that the server address is filled out correctly (IP address of the Autostore server)
  • Verify that the Application port is 50001
  • Verify WebDAV port is 8080
  • Verify FTP port is 2121
  • Click General Tab
  • Select Default Group
  • Click Edit
  • Choose the desired protocol FTP or WebDav in Repository Type
  • Click OK, OK
  • Save
  • Restart Autostore
  • Go back to the Konica Minolta Capture Component
  • Click Device Manager
  • Make sure the test MFD is in the list
  • Make sure that the admin logon name is admin
  • Make sure that the admin password is filled out correctly.  Be careful with this.  If the wrong password is entered, the MFD will start beeping excessively and annoy people working close to the device.
  • Click Force Update
  • After a few seconds, your Registration Status should change to either "Registered" or "Present and Similar"


  • If this doesn't happen, there might be a network communication issue caused by a closed port

Konica Minolta MFD Port 80

  • Open a browser
  • http://[MFD_IP_ADDRESS]
  • The Konica Minolta Web Connection tool should be visible
  • This indicates that MFD Port 80 is open

General Telnet Instructions

  • It is possible to connect from another server to the Autostore server on the required ports one by one
  • Logon to a different server, NOT the Autostore server
  • This different server needs to be in the same domain as the Autostore server
  • Open a command line, Run > CMD
  • > telnet /?
  • This verifies that you have Telnet Client installed
  • If theTelnet Client is not installed, follow those instructions to install it

Autostore Server Port 50001

  • Do this on a different server, not the Autostore server
  • > telnet [Autostore_IP_Address] 50001
  • A blank screen should be seen, not an error message


  • If the port is blocked, an error message such as this will appear


Autostore Server Port 2121 (if using FTP)

  • Do this on a different server, not the Autostore server
  • > telnet [Autostore_IP_Address] 2121
  • A FTP server ready screen should be seen, not an error message


Autostore Server Port 6000 (if using FTP)

  • Unfortunately it is not possible to telnet into port 6000, because this port is only alive for a few seconds right after a scan came through successfully
  • If port 6000 is suspected to be blocked, switch to WebDAV instead of FTP and proceed with testing port 8080 below

Autostore Server Port 8080 (if using WebDAV)

  • Do this on a different server, not the Autostore server
  • > telnet [Autostore_IP_Address] 8080
  • A blank screen should appear, not an error message


Konica Minolta MFD Port 50001

  • Please note, this time test the MFD's IP Address, not the Autostore IP address
  • For this one, the Telnet on the Autostore server may be used, or continue to use the server used in the earlier steps
  • > telnet [MFD_IP_Address] 50001
  • A blank screen should appear, not an error message


DRS - TCP port 8753 on server

If DRS is used, port 8753 must be allowed through firewall on DRS server. This port is configurable, please ensure to validate against DRS configuration.



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