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Autostore 7 with DRS: Folders to exclude from antivirus scans

Problem Statement:

Having an active antivirus software running while installing and running AutoStore 7 may lead to potential issues (including but not limited to performance hits while scanning). It is recommended to exclude AutoStore temporary, work, input and destination folders from anti-virus scanning, backup solutions and other software that lock files and directories.


Antivirus scans and backup tasks place locks on the files they are accessing. These locks interfere with the operation of AutoStore, which also uses locks to guarantee the integrity of the files it accesses and or creates. When the batch.exe and other AutoStore processes attempt to read and/or modify the locked files, errors or unanticipated time delays are introduced. These can present themselves as errors on the MFD, errors in the workflow, or workflows taking excessively long to complete. These locks can also cause issues during the AutoStore installation and update processes, as realtime scans could also prevent certain files from executing correctly.


Exclude the following files locations from anti-virus scanning and backup (if possible). If the file location is changed manually, make sure to adjust the file path accordingly.

Autostore Temp files:

  • located in the %APPDATA% tree of the account that installed Autostore. For example "C:\Users\%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Notable Solutions, Inc\"

DRS Installation/Work directory:

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Nuance\Device Registration Service

Work and Input folders:

The work and input folders for the capture components are standardized, however can be modified within the capture components:

  • C:\KMOAPICapture
  • C:\Canon MEAP Web
  • C:\Kyocera20Capture
  • C:\RCH_SDKJ2
  • C:\LexmarkCapture
  • C:\RCH_SDKJ2
  • C:\XeroxEIPCapture
  • C:\HpOXPd16Capture
  • C:\WebCapture
  • C:\SharpCapture
  • C:\AC
  • C:\KP
  • C:\MultiPoll

Process Folders / Knowledge Packages:

  • Reference pool directories (customer defined)
  • Any working paths defined by process components

Destination Folders:

  • Locations where your captured documents are saved. These are typically for 'Scan to Folder' or 'MultiRouter' workflows and can be local disk locations or network locations.
  • Destination folders in one task may be input sources for other tasks, in workflows utilizing Knowledge Packages. These directories will contain image data as well as metadata files.