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Create a dropdown list from a CSV file

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This article explains how to setup a CSV lookup for a Ricoh ESA dropdown list. ᅠAutostore can lookup any database that provides a 32-bit ODBC driver. ᅠThe simplest form of a database is a comma-separated-value file (CSV). ᅠIn this article we will create the CSV file, create an ODBC connection and then use this connection to lookup the values for the dropdown list.

Steps and Instructions

  • On the Autostore server, open Notepad
  • Type a CSV file as shown below, make sure you have a value column and a display column
  • The value column shall contain the value you want to retrieve from the dropdown selection
  • The display column shall contain the string that is displayed in the dropdown
  • If you want value and display columns to be identical, feel free to use only one column instead of twoᅠ


  • Save the csv file at a folder of your choice. ᅠBest Practice: ᅠSave the file into a dedicated sub folder for your CSV database, because you can have multiple CVS files in there that all will be considered as different tables in the same database. ᅠDo not mix Autostore configs and CSV files in the same folder.
  • Start/Run: "C:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe"
  • This is the 32-bit version of the ODBC Data Source Administrator
  • Select "System DSN" tab
  • Click "Add..."


  • Select "Microsoft Text Driver"


  • Click "Finish"
  • Enter "Data Source Name" and "Description"
  • Unselect "Use Current Directory"
  • Browse to the Directory where you saved the CSV file


  • Click OK, OK
  • Open the Autostore Process Designer
  • Load the config you want to modify
  • Double Click on the "Ricoh ESA" capture component
  • Edit the workflow you want to edit
  • In the "General" tab, create a new field of type "DB Lookup"


  • Click theᅠ[...] button for your new field


  • Click "Data Source"ᅠ[...] and select the ODBC datasource you created earlier
  • Click "Table"ᅠ[...] and select the table (CSV file) you created earlier
  • Type in the Value column
  • Type in the Display column
  • Note: Do not clickᅠ[...] for either Value or Display column, because this particular ODBC driver (Microsoft Text Driver) does not provide functionality to lookup to column names. ᅠYou have to type in the column names manually instead
  • Click "Test" to see if your query works


  • Click Close, OK, OK, OK
  • Restart the config
  • "Update menus" in Ricoh Device Manager if applicable
  • Test your new lookup value on the MFD



If the lookup doesn't work, please verify that the service account you are using has access to the folder where the CSV files are located at.