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How to use knowlege package builder

This component encapsulates all information related to a batch job into an XML file. XML schema provides the most effective means of transferring the complete batch job information between processing centers such as remote site to central servers, between a workstation and a server, or between two XML enabled applications.This component creates an XML file anywhere within the capture process. Once an XML file is generated it can be stored or transferred to the receiving application using any of the available Route components. Knowledge Package Builder component uses the XML schema published within the published open SDK documentation.

Steps and Instructions

  • Activate checkbox for this component to be activeᅠwithin a selected process.
  • File name: Enter the name of the XML file to beᅠgenerated. If left blank, a system generated file name will be used.
  • Author: Enter the author of the XML document.
  • Comments: Enter a description of the document or anyᅠother applicable comment.
  • Embeded documents: Choose whether or not the documentᅠ(i.e. the .tif file) will be embedded into the XML document. All documentsᅠare converted to ASCII characters. Proper conversion from ASCII to binaryᅠor desired format must be performed by the XML recipient.
  • Include field values: Include field values includes the fields of the Knowledge Object in the XMLᅠfile. However if you want to include additional field to the XML file, you can do so by choosing Field Values tab and inserting a name and value. Anᅠapplication of inserting field value provides the capability of coding orᅠindexing your XML documents based on your process parameters.
  • Delete original documents: Choose whether or not the original documents will be passed with the process or removed after XML has been created.ᅠ If you do not delete original documents, then your process will add the XML as a new file to the list of existing files.ᅠ