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Scanning to Shares on Workgroups

This step-by-step guide describes the process of sharing folders on a computer that is part of a workgroup, configuring security for the shared folders and the subfolders and files they contain, and connecting over the network to shared folders on other computers that are members of the workgroup.

Steps and Instructions

  1. Ensure both the AutoStore Server and any other workstation/server that AutoStore needs access to belongs to the same workgroup.
  2. Ensure the service account that is going to be used to run the AutoStore service exists on all workstations/servers. The password for this user must be the same. To ensure proper permissions it is recommended to add this user to the Administrators group.
  3. Create a folder share on a separate workstation/server, this can be a local directory on the AutoStore server. When sharing a folder in a workgroup select the AutoStore service account from Step 2 and provide the account with full read/write access.
  4. Test the share and its permissions by connecting to the shared folder from a different workstation/server.
    2. If AutoStore services are going to browse the share created in Step 3, you should test connectivity from the AutoStore server to the Shared location (\\ServerName\ShareName).
    3. If there are any connectivity issues or permission issues, they will be exposed at this step. These issues should be resolved before configuration AutoStore to scan and or browse to this share.  
  5. Configure AutoStore's Capture component to browse the share created on Step 3. See attached CFG.  
  6. Configure AutoStore's Service Manager to use the service account referenced in Step 2.




EIP_Share_Scan.cfg (3 KB)