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Support of A3 document format files in AutoStore with the OmniPage OCR component

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Support of A3 document format files in AutoStore with the OmniPage OCR component

Problem Statement

The A3 document format is not supported in AutoStore out of the box when the OmniPage OCR is in use. For this feature, you have to manually add a file to a specific folder.


With the new OCR engine there is a limitation for input images of 8400 pixels in both width and height.


  • Unhide the hidden folders in Windows

2. A simple text format setting file has to be created in "C:\ProgramData\Nuance\OmniPage OCR Service\" with the file name OCRServer.sts and the following content:

Kernel.Img.Max.Pix.X = 32000

Kernel.Img.Max.Pix.Y = 32000

  • Restart the AutoStore and OCR service after the change