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AutoStore 6: Installation FAQ


Note: AutoStore 7 is the current version of the product and is recommended for new deployments.  This information about AutoStore 6 is archived for reference.

Installation Frequently Asked Questions for AutoStore 6.

Q: Where can I download the software? 

A: Please contact your point of purchase for the software for the specific process to follow for downloading the software. Alternatively, AutoStore can be downloaded at

Q: Can I install and use my software on multiple computers? 

A: AutoStore is licensed based on the number of devices connected to the server and in some cases, based upon the volume of images imported through the server. There is no limitation to the number of AutoStore servers deployed in any one environment. AutoStore licensing is enforced and limited by the number of capture sources (i.e. multi?function devices, scanners, and file imports).

These capture licenses can be distributed across any number of AutoStore servers so long as the total number of capture source licenses is not exceeded. For example: 10 MFD capture licenses can be distributed as follows:

  1. Server - 10 MFD licenses
  2. Servers - 5 MFD licenses each

Q: How will I know when there are updates? 

A:  With AutoStore Process Designer, click on the software update button and select the appropriate component to update. 

Q: What are the pre?requisites for the software? 

A:  The pre?requisites for AutoStore include: .NET 3.5 and .NET 4.0

Q: Where do I find add?on components? 

A:  The add?on components are available on the update server which can be accessed from the AutoStore Process Designer (APD).

Q: I am receiving a message saying my license expired. What do I do? 

A:  Please go to: for the appropriate support contact.

Q: Does the installation require a reboot? 

A:  No, it does not require a reboot. However, if you are installing the pre?requisites such as .NET 4.0, then you might be prompted to perform a reboot.

Q: Can I upgrade my AutoStore 6.0 Evaluation license version to Production? 

A:  Yes, the AutoStore evaluation license can be upgraded to a production version. Please contact your NSi AutoStore sales contact. You will be provided an 'INV' number to migrate your evaluation license to production.

Q:  My license key isn't working or I can't generate a License Key Request. What should I do? 

A:  There could be several reasons why either of situations might occur. Please contact support:

Q: What products are available with AutoStore 6.0? 

A:  AutoStore is a platform with a suite of complementary solutions. For a comprehensive list of the components found in each version of AutoStore, please visit the Nuance website.

Q: Can customers still order AutoStore 5.0? 

A:  No.

Q: Are Standard and Universal Device Connects available with AutoStore 6.0? 

A:  With AutoStore 6.0 there is no longer a Standard Device Connect. The MFP Device License is the replacement which is nothing more than the "Universal" license type previously available in AutoStore 5.

Q: What clients come as part of the order? 

A:  By base product:

  • MFP Device (per)- includes three AutoCapture Clients and three WebCapture Clients
  • File Import - includes three AutoCapture Clients and three WebCapture Clients
  • Desktop Bundle - includes 20 AutoCapture Clients and 20 WebCapture Clients

Q: Does AutoStore come with a 30 day trial? 

A:  AutoStore does not come with a 30 day trial initially. However, a trial license can be requested after initial installation. Once installed, go to AutoStore Process Designer (APD) and request a license key.

Q: Are there any new licensing additions in AutoStore 6.0? 

A:  AutoStore natively supports more than 500+ MFP devices and network scanners. However, for those circumstances where the business process requires automatically importing files from disk, AutoStore provides a file import license to meet this need. File import types will have an annual volume of 60,000 pages that automatically resets at the end of the calendar year. Multiple quantities of file import licenses can be ordered. Additionally, to accommodate peak processing periods, a customer can also purchase a non?expiring file import battery which has a volume of 30,000  images also available in quantities.

Q: What if a customer needs to capture data from FTP and email? 

A:  To capture data from FTP and email, customers will have to purchase one FTP file import license and one email file import license. FTP allows import from multiple FTP sources and email import allows for capture from multiple email accounts and sources.

Q: What about the Content Management Queue? 

A:  The Content Management Queue is also a file import license type which has volume associated. 

Q: What about the Knowledge Package Loader / Builder (KPL/KPB)? 

A:  KPL/KPB is a capture/process tandem. For new customers, KPL will have volume associated with it. For customers upgrading from AutoStore 5.0 to 6.0 no volume license will be applied. These customers will be grandfathered.

Q: What happens for customers upgrading from AutoStore 5.0 to 6.0 with regard to licensing? 

A:  Components that did not have volume licensing will be grandfathered forward and no volume licensing will apply with AutoStore 6.0. For example, if the customer had Multi?Poll with AutoStore 5.0, there was no volume licensing associated with that component. Therefore, when upgrading to 6.0, the customer will continue to use Multi?Poll without volume licensing on that licensed server. 

Q: What comes with the Desktop Bundle? 

A:  The Desktop Bundle includes:

  • 20 Send to PC
  • 20 AutoCapture or 20 WebCapture

Q: What comes with the email file import license? 

A:  The email file import license includes SMTP, POP3 and IMAP protocol support.

Q: What is an INV Number and what do I do with it? 

A:  The INV is a license string. It is required for NSi to issue a license. There is a prompt on the Web Licensing Portal where you enter the INV.

Q: What happens to the AutoStore 5 licenses I currently have when I upgrade to AutoStore 6.0? 

A:  Components licensed for with 5.0 are carried forward with 6.0.

Q: What is a volume license? 

A:  With our new file import licenses, the following components will be required to have an annual image/file volume license:

  1. XML Importer (a process component with volume)
  2. Multi?Poll
  3. FTP Importer
  4. RightFax Importer
  5. Email Import (which includes all of the following):
    1. POP3 Email Importer
    2. IMAP Email Importer
    3. SMTP Capture Service

Licenses for each of the above items can be purchased for annual volumes of 60,000


Q: Will existing customers be grandfathered?in? 

A:  To accommodate existing customers, we will honor the existing license our 5.x customers have and when they upgrade to 6.x, there will be no volume license associated with any of the components listed above. However, all the above components must be active (present) in their existing 5.x configuration prior to upgrading to 6.x. Without those components present, we will be unable to inherit and promote their historical license. Further, if they are not using a component or a new one is introduced; volume licensing will then be enforced for that particular component going


Q: When are page count volume licenses used? 

A:  Page count volume licensing is used with file import components and the XML import process. Volume is measured on a calendar year. 27. What volume licenses are available in NSi AutoStore 6.0? The following lists the basic volume licenses available in AutoStore:

  • "Image Volume" ? allows you to scan or import an image. It can also be used to import an electronic document (such as a Microsoft Word file) too.
  • Electronic files (such as Microsoft Office documents) are counted as one page, regardless of the number of actual pages in the document.

Q: Can I mix "battery" and annual volumes? 

A:  Batteries are intended to supplement your volume usage if you have peak requirements. You can order batteries in multiple quantities.

Q: What is the Sunset Package? 

A:  At some point in a product's "career", particular capabilities or piece of functionality reach the end of their product life cycle. NSi will begin the process of slowly phasing out certain components from AutoStore. The Sunset Package is a set of components which will be completely removed from AutoStore when AutoStore 7.0 is introduced. Within AutoStore 6.0, "The Sunset Package" will by default not be in the core setup installer. Instead, this package will be made available for install via AutoStore Process Designer's (APD) Software Update Service. Some of these components have been made redundant (example: Poll Directory has been made redundant by Multi Poll) or the devices support is near the end of its Product Life Cycle.

The components in the Sunset Package include:

  1. Sharp Imager
  2. Poll Directory
  3. Basic Image Management
  4. Gray2Mono
  5. FTP Store
  6. Documentum 4/5
  7. Sentry File
  8. Interwoven iManage
  9. Interwoven Worksite MP
  10. Kyocera MFP
  11. Ricoh MFP
  12. Interwoven iManage eConnector
  13. Interwoven Worksite MP eConnector

Q: Which versions of Windows 7 are supported with AutoStore 6.0? 

A:  AutoStore 6.0 has been validated with Windows 7 Professional 32 and 64 bit. However

please keep in mind AutoStore is a 32?bit application. Therefore, in a 64?bit OS, it will run in 32?bit mode. For more details, please reference the Quick Reference Guide found in the NSi AutoStore Front Panel Simulator "Resources" section or at for complete OS details.

Q: Is there an automatic notification when running low on page counts? 

A:  Yes, there is automatic notification when running low on page counts. When volume reaches 80% consumed, warning messages will begin to appear in the Status Monitor. In addition, customers can set notifications to be alerted. See the Administrator's Guide for more information.

Q: How do you promote an evaluation license server to production licensed server? 

A:  Once a customer purchases production license, the customer will need to apply their latest license request file



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