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AutoStore 7: AutoCapture enterprise deployment

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The AutoStore 7 - AutoCapture Client Pack MSI package was created for Enterprise deployment purposes. Please refer to the commands and parameters below to configure and run the MSI package in silent mode.


MS VC++ 2010 Redistributable Prerequisite (Product version 10.0.30319.01)

File can be obtained from Microsoft download pages

AutoCapture Client Pack (.msi) 

Please get in contact with Support to get the AutoCapture MSI file



Example Command Line Syntax

C:\>msiexec /i "AutoCaptureClientPack.msi" INSTALLDIR="C:\Program Files (x86)\Notable Solutions\AutoStore 7\Distributables\AutoCapture" ACACT="1" ACFILETYPE="*.DOC" ACPORT="8085" ACSERVER="" /Q

Command Prompt Switches:

/i = Installs the product

/Q = Sets display option to quiet mode

Public Properties to Pass to the MSI Package:

INSTALLDIR="Sets the installation directory"

ACACT="Activates Explorer Client"

ACFILETYPE="Sets the File Types for Explorer Client"

ACPORT="AutoCapture connection port number"

ACSERVER="AutoCapture connection server IP"