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AutoStore 7 - Canon component is not available after update


After an update to Autostore 7 Version the Canon MEAP Web component is not available in the configured workflow.  A red X appears instead. A reinstallation of the component is not possible because the Add-On is not available in the update manager.  This can occur when installing a Service Pack to AutoStore 7.

Note: Canon MEAP Web is currently only available in Europe.


Please open the following registry path:


Rename the Folder "CanonMEAPWeb" to "CanonMEAPWeb_backup" and start the update Manager again. The Canon MEAP Web Add-On v.7 is available again.

Download the file and start the installer as Administrator. Please choose "Remove" (not modify) and finish this process. After the removal is complete, start the installer again and install the component.