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NSi AutoStore 6.0 - Installation Guide

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Installation Guide

Installation Prerequisites

  1. Hardware 
    1. Windows operating system (OS) running on computer with at least a 2 GHz Processor 
    2. Minimum 2 GB of RAM is necessary but 4 GB or greater is recommended 
    3. Minimum of 10 GB of hard disk space 
    4. NIC Card  
  2. Software

Supported Windows operating systems:

    1. Windows 7 (32\64 bit) Professional
    2. Windows 2008 R2 SP1 Enterprise
    3. Windows 2008 (32\64 bit) Standard \Enterprise - with the latest service pack
    4. Windows 2003 R2 (32\64 bit) Standard\Enterprise - with the latest service pack
    5. Windows 2003 (32 bit) Standard\Enterprise - with the latest service pack
  • Additional software:
    1. Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
    2. Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0
    3. Remaining prerequisites will be installed during the installation process.

Installation: Upgrading from AutoStore 5.0

If a previous installation of AutoStore exists on your system, you will need to uninstall this version of AutoStore in order to continue with the installation of AutoStore 6. If you continue without uninstalling, you will receive a notification and the installation will stop. Select "Finish" to continue.

Note that when upgrading from AutoStore 5.0 to AutoStore 6 many components have been moved to a "Sunset" category. Components that are under this category will continue to be supported but will no longer receive software updates. These components will not be provided with the default AutoStore 6 installation. In order to install any of these components, you must use the Update Services option within the AutoStore 6 Process Designer to download and install.

To continue reading please download the complete guide: Installation Guide - NSi Autostore 6.pdf


Installation Guide - NSi Autostore 6.pdf (application/pdf) (3.4 MB)

Installation Guide AutoStore 6.pdf (application/pdf) (3.4 MB)