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OpenForms 360 with AutoStore v7

This article is to distribute the necessary components and information to support OpenForms 360 with AutoStore 7.  With these components you can now use an AutoStore 7 to send and receive documents and data with an OF360 server.

Installation Notes

The following instructions are for the OpenForms 360 v7 capture and route components that reside on the AutoStore server.  To install the OpenForms 360 server please follow the existing OF360 installation instructions.

New AutoStore Server

  1.      Ensure that the AutoStore 7 server is installed and unlicensed.
  2. 2.     Copy the exe to your AutoStore server and double click to begin the install.

    3.     Once the components are installed continue with licensing the AutoStore 7 server.  The AutoStore 7 documentation has detailed note on this step.

Existing AutoStore 6 Server with v6 OF360 components installed

  1.      Perform the product upgrade to AutoStore 7.  Detailed upgrade instructions can be found in the AutoStore 7 install guide.  The upgrade is considered "complete" once you have relicensed your server with a v7 license file.
  2. 2.     Copy the components to your AutoStore server and double click the exe to install.


These components do not require any special licenses.  These components are licenses with the standard OF360 part IDs.


Customers with previous versions of AutoStore can now use these components to make a new AutoStore 7 server compatible with their existing OF360 server.  There are no changes required on the OF360 server to get the AutoStore 7 components working.  Simply install the capture and route components from this article on an AutoStore 7 server (follow instructions above for installing components).


The capture and route components will be covered under normal support policies.  However, since these components are being distributed outside of the normal General Availability mediums there may be a delay in bug fixes and escalations.