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Steps to install the AutoStore add-on on Fujitus 6000NS devices

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Steps and Instructions

The installation of the Fujitsu add-in consists of the following procedures:

Download the add-in (on AutoStore 4.6)

Run the installation of the add-on (Fujitsu_AddOn.exe)

Download the Fujitsu tool from the device

Enter the IP address of the device (e.g.


Download the admin tool and install it


After the installation is complete, start the admin tool - it can be found under "Start/fi-scanner"

Enter the ip address or it DNS name of the network scanner


Login using the following username and password "fi-maintenance/fi-scanner6-maintenance"

Choose "Maintenance / Add-In Manager" - than reference to the Fujitsu add-in (IN for EMEA and US for US devices). Than click on Install (please note that the device must be restarted after the installation!).


After the restart, the add-in can be found after logging in (guest/guest or any other user) represented by a button called AutoStore1. When clicking on it, an error message will be displayed mentioning that the server cannot be found - accept it with OK. Now click on maintenance (upper right screen) and enter the ip address or network name of the AutoStore server.

If the encryption is enabled on the device, it also has to be enabled on the server or viseversa.





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