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Uploading Autostore Client to N1800 Fujitsu Network Scanner

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Uploading Autostore client to N1800 Fujitsu Network Scanner and connecting to Autostore Server

Steps and Instructions

  1. AutoStore Client needs to be installed on the Scanner, to install it the Fujitsu Admin Tool must be installed on the AutoStore server.
  2. Get the IP of the device by logging in on the device with User: admin and PW: password.
  3. Check the network settings to get the IP address of the device.
  4. On Autostore server, browse to the IP address of the device using the Internet browser, and log in using User: admin and PW: password
  5. You will have the option to install the Fujitsu Admin Tool.
  6. Start the Fujitsu Admin Tool from the Autostore and use the IP address of the Fujitsu device.
  7. Log in using U: admin PW: password
  8. Select Monitoring & Management, select Maintenance, then select Add-in Software.
  9. Browse to Autostore Distributables folder, Fujitsu folder, IS folder and Install the AddinModule05.00.03.00011_auth file.
  10. Disconnect from the Fujitsu Admin tool.
  11. Login at the device locally with User: as-maintenance PW: as-scanner6-maintenance
    1. Autostore button should now show on the panel and select it, it may time out and unable to connect to server.
    2. Click on maintenance button and enter the IP address of the Autostore server and port number. Default port is 3255.
    3. Select Autostore button again, you should now see the Autostore forms.

Note: If you use the file you will need to create the as-maintenance account on the LDAP server. Follow the instructions in the Fujitsu Network Scanner Help file.