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AutoStore INV Number

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Question / Problem: 

What is an INV number, and how is it found?

Answer / Solution: 

The INV number is a unique licensing string. The INV number is sent via email when the software is purchased, and is used to license AutoStore through Web Licensing Portal. The email that the licensing information is sent to is determined at time of order entry. The Order Management team specifies the client email address to use based on customer account name and purchase order info.

Default INV number format: INV-123456-1X1X1X

If the INV cannot be found, a license report can be created in AutoStore. In the ribbon bar press: "License Manager -> License report". The INV can be requested accordingly via Kofax Support by providing the license report.

Applies to:  

Product Version
AutoStore 6.x
AutoStore 7.x
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