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AutoStore vMotion License Process

AutoStore vMotion License Process

Steps and Instructions

A standard AutoStore license must be applied to the AutoStore Enterprise server FIRST before applying the vMotion license. A standard license is defined by using the Web License Portal and the Enterprise INV provided to you. The vMotion license updates the license applied on the AutoStore Enterprise server.

  • License AutoStore Enterprise using the standard license process
  • License AutoStore Enterprise with a 'vMotion' enabled license
    • Download the vMotion license generator: (see attached). 
    • Backup the ASSID.dll in the AutoStore directory 'C:\Program Files\NSi\AutoStore Workflow 6' and copy the NEW ASSID.dll included in the download above. Make sure to do this first before moving forward.
    • Follow the directions listed in the vMotion License PDF included in the download above


Attachments: (2.5 MB)