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How To License QuickCapture Pro

Instructions to License QuickCapture Pro

Steps and Instructions

Steps to get QuickCapture Pro Licensed:

  1. Open QuickCapture Pro click Options from the menu
  2. Select Create Request. Save this file to your desktop (easy to find) and make sure you name the file with the *.txt file extension
  3. Go into the License Manager again and select Web License. This will take you to the website to get a license
    1. Fill out email address and confirm email address and all other * fields you can just enter in a digit so the page registers there are characters in the field
    2. Enter a valid INV Number
    3. After filling in info, select submit which will take you to the page that you will select your license
  4. Select Submit once more and this will email you a text file that you will load into the License Manager under Load License Key


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