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NSi AutoStore 6.0 - General FAQ's

General Product Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is new in AutoStore 6.0?

NSi AutosStore™ 6.0 empowers real?time business by orchestrating the capture and secure delivery of paper and electronic documents into smart business applications. The new capabilities within AutoStore 6.0 help organizations gain efficiency and standardization within their operations, improves communication and collaboration and enhances personalized productivity for users. Below is a list of new capabilities available in AutoStore 6.0. For more information, please refer to:

Improved Operational Efficiency and Standardization:

    • Enhanced process designer UI
    • MRC PDF compression
    • Data filter
    • XML Importer
    • Document binder
    • Rightfax capture component
    • 1D/2D barcode recognition
    • New destinations

Improved Communication and Collaboration:

    • Open XML document support
    • Capture from any email account
    • Send to PC - Offline mode

Personalization and Employee Productivity:

    • Front panel icon library
    • NSi WebCapture™
    • NSi AutoCapture™

Q:  How can I tell which version of the product I have currently?

A: To identify the version of AutoStore, click on the 'About' reference in the AutoStore Process Designer ribbon located in the same area as other common tasks such as print and save.

Q:  Where can I learn more about the software?

A: NSi provides customers and partners several methods to obtain more information regarding AutoStore. In addition to online training,there is also in?house technical training available to provide customers / partners with indepth product information.

Q:  Where can I obtain printed collateral materials such as product datasheets and


A: All marketing materials are in electronic format from the following locations:

  1. NSi Front Panel Simulator: Starting with version 3.0 of the simulator, you will find a "Resources" section. All materials are available for download from within this section.
  2. Manufacturer Micro sites: The device manufacturer specific portals have all of the same materials available. They are: http://ricoh.nsiautostore.comhttp://xerox.nsiautostore.comhttp://hp.nsiautostore.com and
  3. NSi Website: Product specific materials are available in each product section of the website located at

Q:  Will support for AutoStore 5.x still be available? 

A:  Yes, support for AutoStore 5.x will continue. NSi's policy is to support the current and prior release. For more information on NSi's product life cycle policy, please visit: policy

Q:  Is VMWare supported? 

A: Virtual machines are supported, however migration tools such as VMotion will expire your license. VMotion will be supported AutoStore Enterprise 6.0 scheduled to be released in 2012.

Q:  Will local language versions of AutoStore 6.0 be available? 

A: Local language versions of AutoStore 6.0 are not available at this time. However, help documentation will be made available after the initial launch in French and German.

Q:  Can a customer upgrade from AutoStore 4.x (or earlier) directly to AutoStore 6.0? 

A:  Yes, you can upgrade from previous version of AutoStore. However, customers should first run the preflight tool ( This tool will provide information regarding steps required for upgrading to AutoStore 6.0. If a customer requires assistance, they can contact the NSi Professional Services team for assistance. 

Q:  Can I upgrade my AutoStore 5 configuration files to be compatible with AutoStore 6.0? 

A: Yes, however, it is highly recommended that any AutoStore configuration file be passed through the "preflight" tool to check the compatibility of your configuration files as some components in 6.0 have been updated, changed or discontinued. By running your configuration file against this tool, a full report will be provided given guidance on your upgrade considerations. Visit:

Q:  Is the Binder component available in both Express and Workflow? 

A:  Yes, the Binder component is available in both Express and Workflow.

Q:  Are there any AutoStore components that are no longer available in AutoStore 6.0? 

A:  Some components from AutoStore 5 have been merged into new, more powerful components in AutoStore 6.0. Furthermore, some older components have been removed from the default installation but are available as free add?ons from our "Sunset Package". Where possible, it is advisable to alter your configuration files to make use of the new components. Running the pre?flight tool is a great way to identify any Sunset Package items or changes to existing components.

Q:  Does WebCapture rely on IIS? 

A: WebCapture does not rely on IIS. WebCapture includes its own built?in Web server.

Q:  Is AutoCapture scripting different from WebCapture? 

A: Yes, the two are different. AutoCapture uses VB script. WebCapture uses scripting.

Q:  If I have a customer who is current on their Support and Maintenance software contract, how do they get their new AutoStore 6.0 software? 

A: NSi partners may have different processes. It is best to confer with the appropriate partner organization as that organization may choose to have their professional services organization assist in customer updates.

Download the AutoStore 6 FAQ's: FAQ - NSi AutoStore 6.0.pdf

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