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NSi AutoStore 6.0 - Software Maintenance FAQ's

Software Maintenance Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does AutoStore 6.0 ship with 30 days maintenance? 

A: AutoStore 6.0 ships with 30 days warranty from the day it is installed to allow customers to download updates and add?ons. If it shipped with software maintenance expired this would not be possible.

Q: A customer bought multiple years of maintenance. Will he be charged for the price difference? 

A: No, with the purchase of multiple years of maintenance, the customer does not have to buy anything extra until his contract expires.

Q: A customer bought multiple years of maintenance. Is he eligible for new components? Does he have the ability to convert licenses? 

A: Yes, the terms of the maintenance are not changing.

Q: What happens to a customer who upgraded from AutoStore 5.0 to 6.0 who had a file importing product like Multipoll, Poll Director, POP3 Email connect or SMTP capture? 

A: Will his license remain without a page count? Yes, customers who migrate their installation from AutoStore 5.0 to 6.0 will be provided "grandfathered" licensing. In other words, no page count will be applied to the licenses they grandfather. 

Q: What happens to customers who have generic licenses with Poll Directory? 

A: These customers need to download and install the Sunset Package from the Software Update Server to receive the Poll Directory license without a page count. They will be treated as file import customers and can no longer change licenses from generic to another vendor.

Q: A customer needs to import files from multiple file import sources like Multi Poll and POP3 Email connected. What does he need to order? The customer needs to order one file import license for Multi Poll and one file import license for email. File import for email provides POP3, SMTP, and IMAP licenses.

Q: How will page counting in the above sample work? 

A: The customer will have independent counts on both file import licenses (60,000 pages per calendar year on Multi Poll and 60,000 pages per calendar year on POP3 Email). 

Q: What is my available page count if I purchase file import on December 1, 2012? 

A: You can capture 60,000 pages until Dec 31st 2012. On January 1, 2013 your page count will be reset to 60,000 pages.

Q: How are battery licenses being used? 

A: A battery license can be used to extend the page count of a server to handle a peak. When ordering battery licenses, specify the type of file import battery you need (example: Batch Importer, Email, Multi Poll, etc.).

Q: What does maintenance cover? 

A: Maintenance allows a customer to receive major updates to the software (i.e. 5.x to 6.x), minor updates and service packs, access to the NSi support. For more details contact:

Q: Is maintenance paid annually? 

A: The initial maintenance contract always starts on the date the software license is purchased, regardless of the date of installation.

Q: What if add-on components are purchased later? 

A: Add-on components also follow the policy as stated above. If the customer would like to arrange for coterminous contracts, please contact your point of sales.

Q: Does a customer need to be current on maintenance to upgrade to AutoStore 6.0? 

A: Yes, all customers on current maintenance contracts have access to AutoStore 6.0.

Download the AutoStore 6 FAQ's: FAQ - NSi AutoStore 6.0.pdf

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