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OCR Transition FAQ


What is the impact of transitioning the OCR engine? 

The transition was designed to be as seamless and transparent as possible. The vast majority of customers will not perceive any difference in capability once they apply the update. The new OmniPage OCR functionality is also designed to work with all existing configurations and customizations, including the use of existing cfgs and RRTs.

High-level overview: 

  1. The basic AutoStore install no longer includes an OCR engine, this must be installed separately through Autostore's Software Update service built into the AutoStore Process Designer (APD).  Therefore, if a customer installs AutoStore and does not apply the OCR component update, the customer will not have OCR capability. For additional detail about the new OCR component please see the release notes found here.
  2. All existing customers must update the OCR component through Software Updates before they can upgrade or use any new licenses. Note: the OCR component update will NOT support roll-back. Meaning, once the new OCR update is applied, one cannot revert to a previous OCR component.
  3. The Professional Barcode Component has been officially retired and is therefore no longer offered. It has been removed from the AutoStore install as well as Software Updates and no new licenses will be issued. 
  4. We will not be fixing any bugs, issuing any enhancements, or otherwise modifying any code around the ABBYY OCR component. All code modification will apply to the new OmniPage OCR component only.
  5. There are six US Professional Services products discontinued due to the transition: the Workflow and Express versions of Redaction, Advance Splitter, and Document Orientation Corrector. 

What has changed with the new OmnitPage OCR Component

  1. Fast recognition removed from Advanced Tab. 
    • Refer to 'Export Scenario' for each output format tab (PDF, DOCX, etc...)
  2. No support for 'Use layout templates'
  3. No support for 'One table entire page
  4. No support for 'Reset analysis data'
  5. No support for 'Detect Inversion'
  6. No support for 'Use layout templates'
  7. No support for 'Invert
  8. No support for 'Mirror'
  9. No support for 'User Patterns
  10. No support for 'Use layout templates'
  11. No support for 'Custom Dictionaries'
  12. No support for 'Fonts' and 'advanced parameters'
  13. No support for Fast Web View


Please contact Support if you have any questions or concerns.  

AutoStore Specifications

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Component Version

  • 0.0.39

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