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OpenForms 360 6.0 Documentation

Product Information

OpenForms 360 Reame

OpenForms360 Readme.htm  

The OpenForms 360 capture and route components feature integration between AutoStore Server and the OpenForms 360 system that includes OpenForms 360 Server, OpenForms 360 Professional, and OpenForms 360 Validation. This integration provides flexible, scalable, and cost-effective capture, processing and archival of documents.

The OpenForms 360 Route component routes scanned documents from a variety of MFPs and digital copiers to OpenForms 360 Professional for form recognition and data extraction. After being processed, the documents and associated data are retrieved by the OpenForms 360 Capture component and forwarded to the next component in the AutoStore workflow for processing and storing in document or database management systems. If the extracted data has to be validated by a person, the processed documents are forwarded to OpenForms360 Validation prior to being retrieved by the OpenForms360 Capture component.

OpenForms 360 Administrator Guide

OpenForms360 Administrator Guide.pdf 

This document is intended to be used by the System Administrator, who is tasked to perform configuration of AutoStore Workflows.Thorough knowledge of the AutoStore Process Designer (APD) is a pre-requisite for a successful usage of OpenForms360 solution. Please refer to AutoStore Administrator Reference Guide for details on using the APD.

OpenForms 360 Validation User Guide

OpenForms360 Validation User Guide.pdf 

This User's Guide is intended to be used by an operator, a user designated to performing data validation on processed documents using OpenForms360 Validation.

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