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AutoStore: Outlook MSG Loader "Error:MsgFile.cpp:CMsgFile::Load:MAPIInitialize() failed!:901"

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Problem Statement:

After starting an AutoStore workflow to capture MSG files with the Outlook MSG Loader, the following appear in status monitor, and No Outlook email messages are processed.  Sometimes the numbers are 819 and 902.

Logs show the following:

2019/06/10 13:29:58:18 00344 [TRC] Outlook MSG Loader:  Calling:MsgFile.cpp:CMsgFile::Load:MAPIInitialize():818

2019/06/10 13:29:58:18 00344 [UNF] Outlook MSG Loader:  Error:MsgFile.cpp:CMsgFile::Load:MAPIInitialize() failed!:901


There could be multiple-root causes, including the appropriate Outlook client not being installed, permissions issue, communication problems, etc.


  1. For the Outlook MSG Loader to work, at least one 32-bit version of Microsoft Outlook 2002 to Outlook 2016 must be installed.  Outlook 2019 is expected to work, however it has not yet been fully tested.
  2. Please note:  64-bit version of the Outlook client will not work.  If installed, please uninstall and install the 32-bit version instead.
  3. Ensure that Outlook is being run with correct permissions.  In some cases it may be required to create a new Outlook Profile and/or run it under a service account.
  4. Ensure that network / communication is functioning normally.


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