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AutoStore - Adding scan settings for Ricoh A4 devices like MP C307

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Problem Statement:

Using the Combined Client for Ricoh ESA, typically, the MFP device automatically detects the scan settings that you configure. If the MFP, like some of the Ricoh A4 devices, does not detect the scan settings and the device panel shows an error with the context "The format of the original is unknown".

(The resolution is only in combination with DRS usage.)


This might happen with Ricoh A4 models, which do not detect the input paper size.


1. Locate the file on the server (for example, C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Nuance \ Device Registration Service \ Service \ Plugins \

2. Extract the file from the ZIP file and open it in a text editor.

3. Configure the properties file by adding an entry for your device in the following format:

Modelcode = ScanSize

4. Save your changes to the Xlet.

The above mentioned is what has to be done in general but you will need the following info for this specific device (Ricoh MP C307) :

add these lines to, to set the default to "A4".

#MP C307 Series


For North America, the size may need to be set to "Letter".