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AutoStore - How to activate the Debug Level 4 logs


Instructions on how to collect AutoStore log files to troubleshoot an issue.  Technical Support requests that the logs should be written in debug level 4.

To start logging:

  1. Open the APD (AutoStore Process Designer) and load the configuration.
  2. Right click in an empty place of the configuration and choose "Properties" -> Task properties will open
  3. Choose -> Advanced
  4. Check Debug with threshold 4 (four) like in the picture below
  5. Click OK
  6. Save the configuration and restart the Autostore Service

Reproduce the issue

  • Collect as much detail as possible, including the user information, date, time, IP addresses, etc. 
  • Use unique user names, or document names for different scenarios to make them easier to identify 

To collect logs from the AutoStore server:

  1. Stop the batch.exe (AutoStore) and AutoStore General Services Broker (AGSB) services.
  2. Browse to the AutoStore installation. By default, it is located at:
    1. AutoStore 7: C:\Program Files (x86)\Notable Solutions\Autostore 7\Log on 64 bit servers, C:\Program Files\Notable Solutions\Autostore 7\Log on 32 bit servers.
    2. AutoStore 5,6: C:\Program Files (x86)\NSi\AutoStore \Log on 64 bit servers, C:\Program Files\NSi\AutoStore \Log in 32 bit servers.
  3. If unsure, click Service Manager from the ribbon in AutoStore Process Designer. The log directory will be displayed.
  4. Zip the Log directory.
  5. Restart the AutoStore services once zip has completed.


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