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AutoStore - How to re-establish the ODBC connection after a database connection loss

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Problem Statement:

AutoStore uses a database connection via ODBC driver in components that store data in a database (e.g. Send to Database, Notification Options). From the time when the connection to the database has been interrupted, no more data will be written into the database and an error message is shown in the Status Monitor for every job.


By default, the connection doesn't re-establish on it's own and a restart of the AutoStore service is needed. To avoid this, it's possible to configure a "Keep alive command" within the AutoStore component to re-establish the connection automatically.


  1. Create an empty Stored Procedure in the database and name this procedure. CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[KEEPALIVE] AS GO Note:
    • The AutoStore user (who is used for access to this database) needs access to this PROCEDURE. Therefore the rights needs to be taken care of.
    • KEEPALIVE is the name of the command that is needed for the AutoStore configuration.
  2. Enter the name in the "Keep alive command" field in the AutoStore component's Data Source configuration:
    Data Source

    Note: On the AutoStore server this KEEPALIVE command needs to be entered in this field of the Data Source. Furthermore the attached registry key needs be imported and looks like this: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\NSI\DMIDB\Alivecmd] for 64Bit installations [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\NSI\DMIDB\Alivecmd] "TrackStorage"="KEEPALIVE" At which TrackStorage equals the ODBC DSN (Data Source Name) that is needed for the access from AutoStore side. It needs to be adapted in this example. KEEPALIVE equals the previous Stored Procedure. The registry key is attached to this article.
  3. The "Keep alive command" creates a new connection to the database as long as unused connections are available. As this might cause issues if the configured amount of possible connections is too high, please make sure to lower the "Maximum number of concurrent connections" to a value of 100 or less. The setting can be found in the following database properties:
    Server Properties

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