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AutoStore - Kyocera HyPas - No scan application found

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Problem Statement:

When using AutoStore to scan with a Kyocera HyPas device, user receives "no scan application found" error.


Ensure that the latest Firmware is installed on the MFP (available from Kyocera).

Make sure that the ports 3250/3251 (HTTP/HTTPS), 5358, 9090, and 9091 are open.

Confirm that the AutoStore installation is up to date. Latest Sevice Pack and the latest Kyocera HyPAS component must be installed.

Check the SSL settings on the device SSL in relation to the AutoStore server. For example, the device has SSL enabled, but the "Use SSL to connect to device services" checkbox has not been checked.  

Check the authentication settings. For example, the device has authentication enabled, but the "Device Requires Authentication" checkbox has not been checked and proper authentication settings to connect to the device had been provided.  (See the Adding and Editing groups section of the help file).  This setting can be verified by going to the "Advanced > Authentication" menu in the device admin page. 

WSD and enhance WSD option must be activated on the device.

To Enable/Disable WSD please go to "Basic > Device Security > Network Security" menu. The service of interest which should be unblocked is "WSD Scan".  See Screenshot below.