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AutoStore - OCR job is failing with the error: "Recognition process hard TimeOut"

Problem Statement

OCR Job fails with the error message:

08/28/2015^15:25:44:60^OCR ^STATUS MESSAGE^OCR:  Error(s) occured:

Job item(s) detected runtime error(s):

Job item(0) detected: 0x8004C41D

Recognition process hard TimeOut.


There is a default timeout.  Once that timeout is reached, OCR processing stops.


The timeout setting cannot be out-of-the-box changed  in AutoStore, for the OmniPage OCR. This can only be done with a self generated configuration file in a specific folder. Use the following to override the factory default.

  1. Make the hidden folders visible in Windows / File Explorer.
  2. A setting file must be created. Create file  "C:\ProgramData\Nuance\OmniPage OCR Service\OCRServer.sts" (named as OCRServer.sts) with the following content

    Kernel.Timeout = 360000000
    Kernel.Timeout.Hard = 36000000

    The value is in ms, so 360000000 represents 100 hours.
  3. Store the file
  4. Restart the AutoStore Service and the OCR Service.