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AutoStore - Scan Failed on a supported Xerox EIP device

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Problem Statement:

Using the Xerox EIP component, when user tries to scan a document, document does not get pulled in and Scan Failed message is shown on the device.  You will also see the error in the AutoStore logs


If a default template and repository was defined for the device, the device registration through Xerox EIP component picks up the default repository information.  It cannot overwrite the default repository.


You have to delete the default repository information and then register the device again from the Xerox EIP component. 

To delete the File repository, do the following

  1. From the main screen on the web interface, click on the Properties tab.
  2. On the left side of the screen, navigate to Services
  3. Then Network Scanning
  4. And then File Repository Setup
  5. Select the Repository and click Delete

If the above process did not work, you may need to clone a same model device that does not have default repository defined.  For steps on how to clone a Xerox device, please refer to or contact Xerox support.