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AutoStore - Xerox 53xx model showing "Scan Failed" as soon as scanning should start

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Problem Statement:

On Xerox MFP device types 53xx the error message "Scan Failed" shows as soon as the pages are supposed to pull in.

Device Registration works fine and the forms show as expected.

The usual solutions do not work.


"Scan Failed" is an very common error message on Xerox Devices and point to a lot of different possible causes. Apart from FTP-Protocol or SSL disabled, a Firmware issue or an invalid Certificate, this kind of device Model can have another reason to produce this error message.

Only the 53xx Series has an optional License for scanning. This License has to be bought and applied on the Device before the Scanning Option appear on the Web Configuration Page. Also this License is erased by a new Firmware install. 


If this License is not applied this can be discovered by two indications on the Devices Homepage:

  • On the page "Scan" there is no option to create a new scan template.
  • On the page "Properties" -> "Services" the option "Workflow Scanning" is missing completely.

The License can only be applied by the Xerox Partner.