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AutoStore 7 SP5 - Software Manager - FLEXnet Error 13003: Version not registered

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Problem Statement:

After update a AutoStore 7 installation with Service Pack 5, the Automatic Updates launches the Software Manager, however returns the following error.

"The Software Manager does not recognize this product. Please contact your software vendor for updates to this product. Error 13003: Version Not Registered with the FLEXnet Connect."



Please use the following steps

  1. Close the AutoStore Process Designer (APD), if open.
  2. Open the Windows Services dialog.
  3. Ensure that all AutoStore-related processes are stopped (batch.exe, the ASGSB service, and the OmniPage OCR service have to be stopped manually) and that all AutoStore applications are closed..
  4. Right click and run the AutoStore7_SP5.exe as administrator.
  5. Click through the prompts and select "Repair" when the option comes up.
  6. Restart APD and try the Software Updates.  It should now succeed and display the available update packages.



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