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AutoStore Scheduling properties Time format setting AM/PM missing

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In the Task Properties dialog box settings there is a tab "Scheduling properties" to allow to schedule when workflows defined by a task will be performed. The format that is used there is based on the American AM/PM format. Therefore, on a "German" system, no symbol is displayed and you cannot see whether the morning "AM" or the "afternoon" is set.


If the system is now installed in e.g. German, the AM/PM display symbol must be explicitly set in the Regional Settings of the operating system. The AM/PM symbols must be added through the Windows settings. These settings can be found under:

  1. Open Windows Control Panel
  2. Go to Clock & Region -> Formats -> Additional Settings -> Time
  3. Setup AM Symbol with AM
  4. Setup PM Symbol with PM





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Product Version
ControlSuite AutoStore All Versions


Article # 3049020