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Device Web Service - How to capture trace logs

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DWS is used with AutoStore, Equitrac Office 5.x, Equitrac Express,and Output Manager, when deploying embedded clients, including the Unified Client.

DWS logs are collected via the DWS web page, and not through the AutoStore Process Designer, Equitrac System Manager, or Output Manager Console.

Connect to https://<DWS-IP address>:8443

  • Where <DWS-IP address> is the IP Address of the DWS server.
  • The URL is case sensitive, so D, M, W, and A must be upper case and the rest lower case.
  • Make sure that the last character of the URL is /.  If this is missing, a "HTTP Status 404" error may result.
  • Log in with the service account used with the server software (AutoStore, Equitrac or Output Manager) or a user who is a member of the local Administrators group.

The following should be done.  See below for details and hints on how to perform the steps.

  1. Open the logs menu and Clear all logs 

dws enable logs.png

  1. In the same menu Enable all logs
  2. Reproduce the issue to gather logs
  3. Create and Save the Snapshot in the same menu (set logging to -1). Complete the required information and click "Create" to collect all the logs into one zip file

DWS snapshot.png

  1. Disable all logs
  2. Document the steps, environment, and symptoms
  3. Send the zip file, together with information gathered in step 6, to Kofax Support
  4. Search for Dws.log under: %appdata%\..\Local\Equitrac\Equitrac Platform Component\EQDWSSrv\webserver\webapps\DwsMain\WEB-INF\felix-cache , collect those files and send to Kofax Support 

(Nites for Steps 1, 2 and 5)

On the "Logs" tab, the available logs and their sizes can be seen. On the right-hand column of each log, individual log can be cleared, and also to disable or enable it. If the Enable column shows the word "Disable", that means currently the logging is enabled. The option for "Enable all logs", "Disable all logs" or "Clear all logs" are available on this tab.



DWS has logging enabled for the first 5 minutes after the service starts, regardless of whether logging is enabled or not - this is to aid in service start-up or connectivity issues.