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Heap and Stack Settings for PIV or CAC enabled Ricoh MFDs

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The Ricoh ESA capture component supports CAC/PIV authentication.ᅠ The default memory settings on a Ricoh MFD are sufficient for Windows authentication, but too low for CAC/PIV authentication.ᅠ Having too low memory settings can cause authentication errors on the device.ᅠᅠWhen usingᅠCAC/PIV authentication, the heap/stack settings on the Ricoh MFDᅠshallᅠbe increased toᅠ75% max stack and 75% max heap.ᅠ

Steps and Instructions

The screenshots below show a Ricoh Aficio MP 2352 as an example.ᅠ On other Ricoh models, the menus and settings below might look slightly different.

Setup Instructions:

  • Open a web browser
  • It is recommended to open the web browser on the local desktop, not the Autostore server, because the server's Internet settings are sometimes too restrictive
  • Launch the Web Image Monitor by typing "https://"ᅠfollowed by the device's IP address
  • https://nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn
  • If you get a certificate warning, continue to this website
  • Click Login in the upper right cornerᅠ
  • Enter administrative credentials
  • Default user name = admin
  • Default password = [blank]ᅠ
  • Click Login
  • After successful login, click Configuration button
  • Scroll down to Extended Features Settings
  • Click Administrative Tools
  • Change the Heap Size to 75% of the maximum, for the model below this is 48 MB * 0.75 = 36 MB
  • Change the Stack Size to 75% of the maximum, for the model below this is 512 KB * 0.75 = 384 KB
  • Click Apply
  • Click Back
  • Navigate all the way back to the main screen
  • Click Reset Deviceᅠ
  • Confirm the Restart with OK
  • Wait 5 minutes for the device to finishᅠbooting up


For further assistance please contact Ricoh Support:ᅠ