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How to Check Xlet Versions

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I have AutoStore 6.0 with Service pack 1 installed, but Ricoh ESA Device manager shows xlet version 5. How do I check the Ricoh ESA xlet version of a file?

Steps and Instructions

  1. If you are running AutoStore Workflow go to the following directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\NSi\AutoStore Workflow 6\Distributables\Ricoh ESA\Web Image Monitor.

If you are running AutoStore Express:C:\Program Files (x86)\NSI\AutoStore Express 6\Distributables\Ricoh ESA\Web Image Monitor.

  • Open folder.
  • Open AutoStoreESAXlet.dalp file. For the AutoStore 6.0 with Service Pack 1 the Ricoh ESA Xlet version should be 6.1. If SP1 is installed the .dalp file version is 2.4
  • If SP1 is not installed then the .dalp file  version will be and the Xlet version